Community Education

YRG CARE works with communities across Chennai to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and intervene where required. While in the past YRG collaborated with NIMH to build “Community Popular Opinion Leaders” it now uses various practices to spread the word around.

At present YRG have their social workers spread across wine shops in Chennai. These social workers initiate conversations with the crowd there and create awareness on safe practices, precautions and preventive measures.

Blood is Thicker

In an attempt to connect with the masses and the students community of Chennai YRG launched Project 121. With this project YRG hopes to spread awareness and accurate information on preventive and corrective measures on HIV, HCVs, STDs and TB. To make information accessible and dynamic YRG has launched the 1-2-1 App.

1-2-1 App aims at connecting communities within Chennai with service providers. In its first stage the app will have information related to HIV, HCV, STDs and TB. The primary goal of1-2-1 will be to improve linkage to care and support among persons living with HIV through its 25+ institutions that offer an array of treatment, counseling and health services.


Service for injection drug users and men having sex with men. Microbicide, treatment and vaccine literacy. Education and advocacy to reduce violence against women.