The YRGCARE Infectious Diseases Laboratory, recognised by ICMR as a notified COVID19 testing site has been actively involved in SARS-CoV-2 and its supportive testing. From April to July alone they tested nearly 12331 individuals. Apart from clinical support, tele surveys have also been held to aid in efficient contact tracing.
YRGCARE’s ECO Kitchen has helped provide nutritious and safe meals for the underserved community and healthcare workers. Along with the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), YRGCARE has organized community intervention programs that includes medical camps, temperature checks, distribution of Kabasura Kudineer and also awareness sessions on the importance of wearing masks and using handwash.
Acknowledging the stressful impact of the pandemic, YRGCARE provides a helpdesk, YRGCARE 1-2-1, to offer information related to HIV and COVID-19 as well as mental and psychosocial support. Camp Rainbow is a fun initiative that reconnects campers – children and teens living with HIV virtually. Dry nutritious rations and Activity packages are even sent to children and families living with HIV and  the children undergoing cancer therapy at centers away from home to keep them entertained.

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