YRGCARE provided free meals to persons stranded in Chennai due to the initial lockdown and supported emergency requests for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Protective Provisions in other sites of India. This was done for the initial 6-12 weeks during the first phase of lockdown in Chennai and other parts of India.

The Regional Deputy Commissioner (South), Corporation of Chennai approached ECO Kitchen, a Unit of YRGaitonde Medical Educational and Research Foundation to supply free food to stranded/migrant workers, health care staff and patient’s families in public hospitals in Chennai. These meals were supported by domestic donations and CSR funding. This was done for 6-8 weeks during the initial lockdown. Although the supply of these provisions was stopped at the beginning due to restrictions on NGOs distributing food to migrant workers, later on it was suggested that the government appoint accreditation of NGOs to supply food to approved Government agencies.

The State & Central AIDS Control Societies asked the Foundation to extend support for distribution of PPE and protective provisions like sanitizers, soaps, masks, gloves, etc. for health & community workers andvolunteers at various Government of India HIV testing and treatment centers across India. This was done for 8-12 weeks until the availability of PPE kits.