The 5th phase of lockdown due to COVID-19 has left us indoors and with more uncertainty.

Restrictions are lifting in many parts however the number of cases testing positive for COVID-19 are also on the rise. On one hand, we want to be safe and stay indoors and on the other, we are required to be front runners and manage our families in several ways. The support from Camp Rainbow, in the months since April 2020, has helped us reconnect with campers, children living with HIV and those affected with COVID-19.

Tele Camps : These 45 minutes to 1-hourlong sessions will be continued. We would like to do 2-4 per month. Let us know your preferred regularity of the camp and your convenience in having them on zoom.


Tele Cabin Chats : 30 minutes audio calls to campers between the ages of 16 to 21 years, in groups of 3-5. We are proposing these short calls for people within the community who are currently not connected to the camp to provide a fun experiencewhilst caringfor their mental and psychosocial health issues.



Nutritional Support : Providing once or more than once a month nutritional support and connecting camp to families of campers from the community in need. Additionally, a magic box of camp goodies will also be included.


Camp@Home : We actively provide support to children undergoing cancer therapy living in Chennai away from home at centers like CanKids and St. Jude’s Center. We send them activities involving arts and crafts, team building, music, and dance on a daily basis.


Tele Reunions : Capacity Building Opportunities to engage with camp leaders – staff, volunteers, and even camper recruiting organisations like our institution. We discuss issues concerning campers like abuse, medication, their return from hometo the institutional care center, preparing to go back to school, etc.

Tele Camp Labs : These are open camp lab sessions to help us understand new games through the use of technology and online platforms. This provides a safe space to conduct trials with the camp LT and interested adults who can provide feedback and suggest ideas. These trials allow us to improve our working methods like sticking to time and engaging the audience with our content.

Volunteer Support: Those interested in volunteering in any of the above activities or joining in for mental health support, please do contact us as we plan to continue the camp online programs. We are currently in the process of setting guidelines and policies for the same.


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