YRGCARE initiatives are supported by generous contributions from individuals, corporate houses, and other community networks. Our care and support services are often stretched to their limits with regard to resources. We welcome your contributions in cash, or in kind, for equipment, medications and . Donations to YRGCARE are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. The Foundation is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs to receive Foreign Contributions under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) vide registration No. 75900530 / 12 July 1991.

We are grateful for your support. All donations are applied 100% towards programme costs without any deduction for overheads.

A few of the donations opportunities are as under. You can also volunteer your time and efforts.


Donate(For Indian Donors)

SS Educational Fund

The Suniti Solomon Educational Fund

At present, our aim is to assist talented young women who have the scholastic credentials and show professional promise, but lack the money that is required for a medical education. They could have been admitted to one of the following medical colleges in Chennai. Every year approximately around the month of June, we will provide the necessary funds to the candidates who have been selected to enable their education for that academic year. For those who would like to commit to sponsor a candidate from the time of her entry to medical college till the time she graduates, we will provide a photograph of the candidate and a brief annual report of her progress. For more information, please review

Goal: Talented young women with scholastic credentials interested in a medical education but lack the funds. This year more than 8 students were sponsored.

Support: Rs. 68,000 covers tuition fees and minimal other costs relating to hostel, books, etc.

Camp Rainbow

Residential and day camps for children living with HIV. The purpose of Camp Rainbow is to make camping magical for these children and help them learn essential life skills. The therapeutic recreational model used in these camps is based on child centric approach and child behavior management techniques developed by Serious Fun Children’s Network, USA. Through Camp Rainbow, children learn to not only better manage their illness, but also able to thrive socially and emotionally on their way to becoming healthy, self-confident adults.

Goal: 7500 children within the next 5 years for Camp rainbow in India



  1. Rs 10000 per child (5 days camp)
  2. Arrange or contribute for transportation of campers, hygiene kits, stationery kits, medical kit, etc.
  3. Other donations in kind or cash for use at the camp


  1. Caring adults to serve at the camp
  2. NGO partnerships in India to serve children at regional levels

Virtual Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (eMTCT)

The Global Plan towards the elimination of new HIV infections among children and keeping their Mothers Alive.

Parent to child is Transmission rate decreased from 5% to 3% due to prevention protocols by the National AIDS Control Program. However, mother to child transmission remains the most significant route of infection (NACO, 2014-15). The key components of this project are awareness and demand creation, expanding ARV prophylaxis, case management for mother baby pair, optional caesarean section for the mother, and nutrition support for the infants.

Our medical centre has an operation theatre for pregnant women to deliver their babies safely and the laboratory supports the early diagnosis of new born with DNA PCR.

More than 150 children have been born safely at our centre since 2011.


  • Getting to ZERO, (ZERO new infections, ZERO stigma, ZERO deaths) meeting WHO goals.


    •  Rs 54,000 for obstetric care and save a child from HIV
    • Formula feed hampers for neo natal babies ( 0 to 6 months) Rs 6,000
    • Laboratory testing @ Rs. 2500 PER CHILD

Tree of Support

Over 200 children with good standing at the YRGCARE pediatric clinics will receive comprehensive medical care and free Antiretroviral therapy free of cost.
Support: Rs.12,000 (USD 200) per child will cover medical care cost for one year.

365 Good Friends


365 Good Friend raises resources for free nutritional support to in-patients at the VHS-YRGCARE Medical Centre.

Support: Rs 100 per patient per day pledged via the Foundation’s KATHIR DHAN initiative