YRGCARE initiatives are supported by generous contributions from individuals, corporate houses, and other community networks. We welcome your contributions in cash, or in kind, for equipment, and medications. The Foundation is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs to receive Foreign Contributions under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) vide registration No. 75900530 / 12 July 1991.

We are grateful for your support. All donations are applied 100% towards programme costs without any deduction for overheads.

Donations to YRGCARE are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Donations to YRGCARE are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Min Siragugal
( YRGCARE with 1997 Batch
Alumni of Don Bosco - Egmore)

Min Siragugal

YRGCARE with the 1997 Batch Alumni of Don Bosco - Egmore, Chennai is keen to make a positive impact by giving girl students wings to soar high again in pursuit of their career aspirations, and not be caged within the walls of their homes and biased cultural models.

50 Girl students in 10th standard in 2 Adi Dravidar schools in Chennai (Kilapakkam and Thaiyur) identified by YRGCARE would be the beneficiaries of Min Siragugal campaign

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Raging Pandemic.
Humane Response.
(COVID 19)

Covid 19

In the past few weeks, India’s COVID-19 crisis has taken a dramatic turn. India has reported record number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Deaths are on the rise. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, YRGCARE has utilised its skills and knowledge of almost 3 decades within the clinic, lab and community to meet with the increasing needs of a new pandemic - testing and clinical care, PPE and other protective provisions, awareness and preventive measures to reduce the impact on households and communities, food deliveries, nutritional hampers, etc.

During this hour, we should make sense of the current situation and uncover the actions that we can take to slow the spread and expedite services.

We require your support to help us meet with these and more emerging needs.

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COVID Emergency Support Fund:
Testing+Counseling+Medical Care
  • PPE for BPL communities per household Rs.150$2
  • RT-PCR testing with home collection per personRs.1,200$17
  • Rapid Testing per personRs.300$4
  • Baseline & follow up lab investigations with home collection per personRs.5,000$70
  • CT-CHEST Baseline without ambulance charges per personRs.1,500$20
  • ORS for a pack of 3Rs.150$2
  • Teleconsultation with twice daily monitoring for 2 weeks Setup Cost:Rs.5,00,000$6850
  • YRG Helpline services for HIV and COVID Setup CostRs.1,20,000$1645
  • YRG121 Counseling in person for youth & emotional support groups per clientRs.300$4
  • Vaccination (double dose)Rs.2,800$40
  • Food for Essential health workers for a full day's nutritionRs.150$2
  • Nutritional Hampers for HIV positive Children & Caregivers per hamperRs.750$10
Community Education
  • Community Vaccine Literacy Programs per communityRs.10,000$140


Women & Children

Women are pivotal for the health of any family as a social unit. Healthy families serve the society better as an extension of their healthy lifestyle. HIV disproportionately affects women and adolescent girls because of vulnerabilities created by unequal cultural, social and economic status. Women account for more than half the number of people living with HIV worldwide.

Mother to child transmission remains the most significant route of infection. Children living with HIV experience a range of psychosocial challenges. Responding to the psychosocial needs through effective child centric interventions is a key to help children recover their childhood, restore their hope and renew their sense of possibility.

YRGCARE offers treatment, general counselling, and psychosocial assistance to people living with HIV in India. The institution is committed to providing quality care and strives for the welfare of the communities it serves. YRGCARE has introduced a number of initiatives to address issues faced by women and children living with HIV.

Support needed:
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(Indian Donor)
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(Overseas Donor)

Donors can also participate by sponsoring some of the essentials and deliverables as a part of the programme

For all women with HIV
  • Hemoglobin : Rs 60 per unit
  • HbA1C : Rs 110 per unit
  • Fasting blood sugar : Rs 60 per unit
  • For women with HIV not previously screened for HCV,HPV, HBV, STIs
  • Anti HBV (ELISA) Serology : Rs 350 per unit
  • If HBV negative, HBV vaccination (3 doses - 0, 1 and 6 months) : Rs 240 per unit
  • Anti HCV rapid Serology : Rs 150 per unit
  • HPV screening - Pap Smear : Rs 400 per unit
  • HSV 1/2 IgM : Rs 400 per unit
  • RPR with titre : Rs 285 per unit
  • CTNG Xpert : Rs 3750 per unit
  • HIV Genotyping for ART drug resistance mutations for those failing therapy : Rs 5,000 per unit
  • For peri-menopausal women
  • DEXA Scan : Rs 3000 per unit
  • Mammogram (age >35) : Rs 2000 per unit
  • Nutritional support for undernourished* women and adolescents for three
  • months : Rs 750 per unit


Camp Rainbow

Camp Rainbow, a project of YRGCARE, is a psychosocial intervention delivered through the vehicle of residential camps and day camps. It provides unique opportunity for children living with HIV to participate in HIV education and traditional camp activities aimed at enhancing campers' adherence to treatment and medication to improve their quality of life while it also focuses on providing children with serious fun, all free of charge. Campers have had transformative experiences at Camp Rainbow and they are eager to attend follow up sessions to meet their friends again. This helps them to build a positive approach towards themselves and others, develop life altering friendships and become confident leaders.

Support needed:

INR 10,000 (USD 135) per child (for a 5 day camp)

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Donors can also participate by sponsoring some of the essentials and deliverables as a part of the programme.

  • Travel reimbursement for children and caregivers : Rs 300 per child/caregiver pair
  • Lunch and refreshments for campers and caregivers : Rs 250 per child/caregiver pair
  • Nutrition Hampers : Rs 600 per child
  • Hygiene Kit : Rs 400 per child:
  • Gift hampers : Rs 300 per child
  • Program supplies : Rs 100 per child
  • Audio Visual, Tables, Chairs and stage hiring : Rs 10,000 per program
  • Information Education and Communication (IEC) Materials : Rs 1,500 per program

The Suniti Solomon
Educational Fund
(SS Educational Fund)

SS Educational Fund

The Suniti Solomon Educational Fund's mission is to identify talented young women who have the scholastic credentials and show professional promise, but lack the money that is required for a medical education. The number of women we would help depends on the funds collected. The candidates would be rigorously screened to meet our criteria.

Every year approximately around the month of June, we will provide the necessary funds to the candidates who have been selected to enable their education for that academic year. Thereafter, donations received by us will accumulate in the separate account that we have set up for this specific purpose until next June, when the funds would again be applied towards the medical students for the next academic year.

For those who would like to commit to sponsor a candidate from the time of her entry to medical college till the time she graduates, we will provide a photograph of the candidate and a brief annual report of her progress.

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Support needed:

INR 90,000 (USD 1,200) covers tuition fees and other minimal costs relating to hostel, books, etc.


Tuition fees -Rs.6500;
Books - Rs. 15000;
Mess Fees -Rs. 55,000 (approx.)
Exam Fees-Rs. 13700

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