• Volunteer

    Our volunteers reflect our commitment to the cause by playing a pivotal role. Selflessly extending their time, energy, and diverse skills, volunteers are valuable asset to our organization.

    YRGCARE has a corps of volunteers, serving in its various activities.

    To be a volunteer with YRGCARE, please complete the form and submit it. For more details write to info@yrgcare.org

  • Interns

    YRGCARE offers an Internship Programme to qualified students at its institute in Chennai, India. Internships generally last from 10 to 30 weeks. We are looking for applicants primarily who are students of medicine, public health, nutrition, research, and community development. Interns are selected on the basis of their academic work, extracurricular activities, employment and experience through travel or voluntary work.

    To apply as an intern with YRGCARE please complete the form and submit it. For more details write to info@yrgcare.org

  • Career

    YRGCARE human resources are highly committed, capable and qualified to respond to the HIV pandemic. The number of persons working at YRGCARE has significantly grown over the years. YRGCARE endeavours to duly recognize all human resources and to continually offer opportunities for their advancement and skill development. To be an employee of YRGCARE, fill up the employee application form.

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    To join YRGCARE, please complete the form and submit. You may also write to info@yrgcare.org for more details.

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