HIV is complex problem touching our lives socially, economically, culturally and medically. YRGCARE is one of the few organizations that offer services covering the entire spectrum of Prevention to Care Continuum.

Prevention – Awareness and Intervention Projects for adolescents, industrial workers and police personnel.

Care Continuum – HIV & STDs counseling, diagnosis and treatment, public education through seminars, exhibitions, newspaper articles etc.

Objective of YRGCARE


  1. Prevent new infections in the community
  2. Build support for responses to the HIV/AIDS pandemic


  • Advocate sexuality education among young people
  • Help children and young adults challenge peer advised myths and misconceptions on sex and sexuality
  • Comprehensive program covering young people at schools, colleges, community clubs, shelter homes and reform institutions
  • First to include BODY SHEETS to assist young people to understand human anatomy and physiology. The booklet “Body Beautiful” serves as a self-taught guide for young people to explore their own bodies
  • Develop empathy for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Peer Educators as a strategy for sustainability