Community Outreach

banner2Our ICCs serve 16 cities and are responsive to diverse settings of the concentrated HIV and HCV epidemics in India.

YRGCARE has expanded to various locations in India since 2015. Currently, we have fifteen Integrated Care Centers placed across India, which are continually connected to our base in Chennai through our in-house heath information management systems.

imm1ICCs offer privacy and individualized attention for screening of STIs and counseling for harm reduction.

These Integrated Care Centers (ICCs) offer a single venue solution to strengthen linkage to current public health measures for prevention and treatment for HIV, HCV, TB and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). These ICCs provide counselling and expedited diagnostic services to underserved, high-risk behaviour persons without a fee. Each ICC is equipped with a laboratory, certified by an NABL accredited chief laboratory, and personnel who have been invested in community outreach for at least half a decade.

imm2An ICC nested within a ward at a government hospital.

Our ICCs are designed based on the Behaviour Model for Healthcare Utilization. This model aims to vertically integrate marginalized individuals with their networks and the larger community and provides a safe space to a population subsection that is often vulnerable to exploitation. Thus responding to the urgent need of strengthening health systems in the country, and addressing the vacuum in vertical equity in delivery of healthcare – the bedrock of sound health policy.

imm3 Each ICC laboratory is set-up and monitored to deliver results within 20 minutes for HIV and HCV.

The ICCs work closely with the state health infrastructure, with an aim to help the country achieve national targets for disease control, in allegiance with international guidelines and qualifying global standards for optimal healthcare.

Contact for more information: ; 91 44 3312 5000