Division of Microbiology:

Early accurate diagnosis of opportunistic infections (OIs), the common presenting symptom of the patients, is the key for success of effective management and preventive measures. The Microbiology Division specializes in diagnosing opportunistic infections in HIV infected patients caused by bacteria, fungi and parasites. It is well equipped with instruments such as BD-MIGIT for rapid culture and identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and anti-TB drug sensitivity testing, The facility has Light/Fluorescent Microscope (Leica) attached to a digital camera, Class II BioSafety Cabinet, BOD Incubator, Biosafety centrifuges and GeneXpert PCR system for the diagnosis of TB infection.

Diagnostic Services offered:

  • TB Diagnosis by AFB staining method, AFB Culture & Anti-TB drug susceptibility test by rapid, BD-MIGIT.
  • Identification of bacterial infections by conventional culture based methods and antibiotic susceptibility testing for the recovered bacteria.
  • Fungal identification by special staining methods and culture.
  • Parasite identification by special staining and microscopic examination.

In order to give the utmost confidence in our capabilities and results, we participate in an national and international EQAS programs such as College of American Pathologists (CAP),USA; UK-NEQAS, UK, One World Accuracy (OWA) and, USA; Duke University, USA, and have an excellent track record of top scores in these programmes.