YRG121 is an initiative of the YR Gaitonde Medical, Educational and Research Foundation. It leverages technology and the spirit of volunteering to connect the community of Chennai to specialised health services notably for AIDS/Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), sexually transmitted infections and the Hepatitis C Virus.

The project works with young people in particular, helps them understand the behaviours that put them at risk, and connects them to counselling and testing. The project uses mobile technology to conduct short surveys to assess the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in the community, and assesses what perpetrates stigma and delays diagnosis and treatment.

At the core of project are –

“121 Volunteers”, a brigade of enthusiastic youngsters from city colleges who perform “door knocks”, and promote the project and its benefits to the community and engage them one to one (1-2-1)

“YRG121” a mobile App, that offers up todate health education and connects those in need of medical assistance to a team of empanelled service providers.

“1-2-1 helpdesk” by staff and volunteers who address queries and concerns of callers on infectious diseases, their prevention, and treatment.

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