Vision & Mission

YRGCARE began its services in the year 1993. Over the years, it has gradually shaped and honed a comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS challenge. Today its successful models of Prevention Programs, Laboratory Services and Careand Support programmes have drawn international acclaim from UNICEF, WHO and the Red Cross.

Our Vision

People with HIV and AIDS and their families live with dignity, and there are no new infections

Our Mission

To respond to the needs of those who are not receiving care, support, education, and/or information about HIV awareness and prevention.

Our Objectives

  • To build awareness of HIV infection and promote safe and responsible behavior in the community.
  • To provide all people access to a non-coercive and non-stigmatized counseling, testing and continuum of care.
  • To maintain and develop YRGCARE’s human resources, physical infrastructure and organizational systems.
  • Advocate for individual rights and policies for a non-judgmental, supportive environment for people┬áliving with HIV and AIDS and people affected by the epidemic.